Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Petit Power

Remember when phones were a little smaller, you could use them with one hand and you could fit them into your front trouser pocket and walk properly.

Apple have added a mini version of the iPhone 12 to their range, the Mini.  It looks exactly the same as the standard iPhone 12, only smaller.  It shares the same fresh styling, wrapped in alu, a glass back and a new “ceramic shield” covering for the screen that Apple says is 4x more drop-resistant.

The OLED screen measures 5.4in, making it quite a bit smaller than the 6.1in display on the regular 12 but no less crisp, colourful and brilliant. The screen is the same width as the older 4.7in LCD display on the iPhone SE but is 1.6mm taller to the Face ID notch.

Watch the Verge video for more insight and call the shop for the latest price and availability.